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10 December 1958
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Thirteenth session
Agenda item 61

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

1301 (XIII). Measures aimed at the implementation and promotion of peaceful and neighbourly relations among States

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolution 1236 (XII) of 14 December 1957,

Considering the paramount importance of ensuring international peace and security,

Realizing the urgent need of finding solutions to contemporary problems which stand in the way of the promotion of friendly and neighbourly relations among States,

Welcoming the trends towards greater interchange among Member States in various fields,

Recognizing that the United Nations plays an increasingly important part in international co-operation, negotiation and conciliation,

Recognizing furthermore that in the observance of the purposes and principles of the United Nations lies the best basis of ensuring the conditions essential for the nations and peoples of the world to live and to assist each other in mutual tolerance and understanding for the benefit of all,

1.Reaffirms the purposes and principles of the United Nations;

2.Calls upon Member States to live together within the letter and spirit of the Charter of the United Nations;

3.Urges all Member States, while making full use of article 33 of the Charter, to resort to the Organization for the peaceful solution of problems which interfere with friendly and neighbourly relations among States or threaten international peace;

4.Calls upon Member States to take effective steps towards the implementation of principles of peaceful and neighbourly relations;

5.Recommends that all Member States should take practical measures or make arrangements in conjunction with and not inconsistent with the programmes of the United Nations and its specialized agencies to foster open, free and friendly co-operation and understanding in the fields of economy, culture, science, technology and communications;

6.Welcomes with satisfaction agreements between Member States which are working or will work towards the attainment of the aims envisaged in the present resolution.

783rd plenary meeting
10 December 1958