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14 December 1957
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Twelfth session
Agenda item 66

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

1236 (XII). Peaceful and neighbourly relations among States

The General Assembly,

Considering the urgency and the importance of strengthening international peace and of developing peaceful and neighbourly relations among States irrespective of their divergences or the relative stages and nature of their political, economic and social development,

Recalling that among the fundamental objectives of the Charter of the United Nations are the maintenance of international peace and security and friendly co-operation among States,

Realizing the need to promote these objectives and to develop peaceful and tolerant relations among States, in conformity with the Charter, based on mutual respect and benefit, non-aggression, respect for each other's sovereignty, equality and territorial integrity and nonintervention in one another's internal affairs, and to fulfil the purposes and principles of the Charter,

Recognizing the need to broaden international cooperation, to reduce tensions and to settle differences and disputes among States by peaceful means,

Calls upon all States to make every effort to strengthen international peace, and to develop friendly and cooperative relations and settle disputes by peaceful means as enjoined in the Charter of the United Nations and as set forth in the present resolution.

731st plenary meeting
14 December 1957