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Methodology for the General Assembly to examine the question of the participation of NGOs in all areas of the work of the United Nations
Information Habitat: Where Information Lives
December 1996
New York, NY
Utilization of information and communication technology in support of broad-based participation and access to information
International Synergy Institute
May 1995
New York, NY
Your Voice
Parliament of the World's Religions
August 1993
Chicago, IL
Alternative Treaties: Synergistic Processes for Sustainable Communities and Global Responsibility
Ideas for Tomorrow Today
January 1993
Millbrook, U.K.
40/14. International Youth Year: Participation, Development, Peace
General Assembly Resolution A/RES/40/14
November 1985
New York, NY
37/63. Declaration on the Participation of Women in Promoting International Peace and Co-operation
General Assembly Resolution A/RES/37/63
December 1982
New York, NY
Recommendation on Participation by the People at Large in Cultural Life and their Contribution to It
United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization
November 1976
Nairobi, Kenya