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21 December 1993
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Forty-eighth session
Agenda item 91

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

48/166. An agenda for development

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolution 47/181 of 22 December 1992,

Convinced of the need to elaborate a framework to promote international consensus in the field of development,

Committed to strengthening the effectiveness of the United Nations in the economic and social sectors and recognizing, in this respect, the need to revive the role of the United Nations in fostering and promoting international cooperation for economic and social development,

Taking note of the views expressed by States on an agenda for development,

Welcoming the intention of the Secretary-General to issue in the early months of 1994 the report requested in its resolution 47/181,/19

1. Takes note with appreciation of the note by the Secretary-General on progress in the implementation of General Assembly resolution 47/181;

2. Decides that the intergovernmental discussions to consider an agenda for development and the reports of the Secretary-General thereon should be held at the substantive session of 1994 of the Economic and Social Council and at the forty-ninth session of the General Assembly;

3. Invites the President of the General Assembly to promote, as early as possible in 1994, in an open-ended format, broad-based discussions and an exchange of views on an agenda for development, on the basis of the report of the Secretary-General requested in its resolution 47/181;

4. Also invites the President of the General Assembly, in order to ensure the broad-based nature of those discussions, to invite relevant programmes, funds and agencies of the United Nations system, relevant multilateral institutions and other relevant organizations, including scientific and academic institutions, to participate fully in or present their views during those discussions;

5. Requests the Secretary-General to submit to the General Assembly at its forty-ninth session further recommendations, as appropriate, to follow up his report on an agenda for development, taking into account the views expressed during the substantive session of 1994 of the Economic and Social Council, as well as the views expressed during the discussions promoted by the President of the General Assembly and summarized under his own responsibility;

6. Recommends that the Economic and Social Council, at its organizational session for 1994, consider "An agenda for development" as a possible topic for the high-level segment of its substantive session of 1994;

7. Decides to hold special plenary meetings at a high level, at its forty-ninth session, to consider ways of promoting and giving political impetus to an agenda for development;

8. Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its forty-ninth session an item entitled "An agenda for development".

86th plenary meeting
21 December 1993


19/ A/48/689.