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14 December 1979
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Thirty-fourth session
Agenda item 55 a

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

34/138. Global negotiations relating to international economic co-operation for development

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolutions 3201 (S-VI) and 3202 (S-VI) of 1 May 1974, containing the Declaration and the Programme of Action on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order, 3281 (XXIX) of 12 December 1974, containing the Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States, and 3362 (S-VII) of 16 September 1975 on development and international economic co-operation, which laid the foundations for the establishment of the new international economic order,

Noting with deep concern that, despite the great efforts made by many countries, especially the developing countries, at a large number of meetings and international conferences aimed at the establishment of the new international economic order, only limited progress has been achieved,

Considering the report of the Committee of the Whole Established under General Assembly Resolution 32/174,/91

Taking note of the important resolution adopted at the Sixth Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries, held at Havana from 3 to 9 September 1979, on global negotiations relating to international economic co-operation for development,/92

Emphasizing the imperative need to establish a new system of international economic relations based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit and also to promote the common interest of all countries,

Stressing that the establishment of such a new system calls for bold initiatives and demands new, concrete, comprehensive and global solutions going beyond limited efforts and measures intended to resolve only the present economic difficulties,

Urging all countries to commit themselves effectively to achieving, through international negotiations and other concerted action, the restructuring of international economic relations on the basis of the principles of justice and equality in order to provide for steady economic development, with due regard to the development potential of developing countries,

Emphasizing that such global negotiations must take place within the United Nations system,

Reaffirming in this context the central role of the General Assembly,

1.Decides to launch at its special session in 1980 a round of global and sustained negotiations on international economic co-operation for development, such negotiations being action-oriented and proceeding in a simultaneous manner in order to ensure a coherent and integrated approach to the issues under negotiation;

2.Agrees that such negotiations should:

  1. Take place within the United Nations system with the participation, in accordance with the procedures of relevant bodies, of all States and within a specified time-frame, without prejudice to the central role of the General Assembly;

  2. Include major issues in the field of raw materials, energy, trade, development, money and finance;

  3. Contribute to the implementation of the international development strategy for the third United Nations development decade;

  4. Contribute to the solution of international economic problems, within the framework of the restructuring of international economic relations, and to steady global economic development, in particular the development of developing countries, and, to this end, reflect the mutual benefit, the common interest and the responsibilities of the parties concerned, taking into account the general economic capability of each country;

3.Also agrees that these negotiations should not involve any interruption of, or have any adverse effect upon, the negotiations in other United Nations forums but should reinforce and draw upon them;

4.Further agrees that the successful launching and ultimate success of the global negotiations require the full commitment of all participants to careful and thorough preparations, including efficient procedures for the negotiations;

5.Decides that the Committee of the Whole Established under General Assembly Resolution 32/174 should act as the preparatory committee for the global negotiations relating to international economic cooperation for development and propose all necessary arrangements worked out in accordance with its established procedures/93 to enable the Assembly at its special session in 1980 to decide on an effective and prompt beginning of the global negotiations, and further decides that the Committee should submit to the Assembly at its special session its final report containing its recommendations on the procedures, time-frame and detailed agenda for the global negotiations, taking into account paragraphs 1 to 4 above.

104th plenary meeting
14 December 1979


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92/ See A/34/542, annex, sect. VI.B.

93/ See the statement made on 19 October 18, 1978 by the President of the General Assembly (Official Record of the General Assembly, Thirty-third Session, Plenary Meetings, 39th meeting, para. 223).