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  United Nations


General Assembly

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7 November 1965
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Twentieth session
Agenda item 55

Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly

2036 (XX). Housing, building and planning in the United Nations Development Decade

The General Assembly,

Noting that in countries throughout the world inadequate housing is one of the most urgent problems necessitating immediate solution,

Recognizing that the housing problem can be successfully solved only by mobilizing-the efforts and resources of the nations,

Recognizing further that social reforms aimed at accelerating social and economic development have an important part to play in the successful solution of the housing problem,

1.Recommends that Member States should:

  1. Assume a major role in the solution of the housing problem in every country and, to this end, make provision in their national development planning for the necessary activities and resources;

  2. Establish for this purpose central and other organizations or bodies in charge of housing and town and country planning and empowered with the necessary authority;

  3. Take all necessary measures to develop a building material industry utilizing local raw materials to the maximum, and to promote or establish, as appropriate, building design and construction organizations which will improve efficiency, lower costs and establish designs and standards that are appropriate to the relevant cultural, social and economic requirements;

  4. Prepare and implement programmes for training architects, construction engineers and workers in sufficient numbers to carry out national development programmes;

  5. Bring about conditions in the spheres of land ownership and land use by basic reforms, if such conditions have not already been achieved, that will ensure a speedy and rational solution of housing and industrial construction problems, harmonious town and rural development, the elimination of speculation in plots of land and a more equitable use of housing resources in the interests of the whole population;

2.Recommends that international assistance to developing countries in the field of housing, building and planning, whether multilateral or bilateral, should be directed towards the financing of housing, the establishment of a national or, if necessary, State building materials and components industry and of national or, if necessary, State building design, construction and financing organizations, the training of national cadres of architects and construction engineers and workers, the establishment of national bodies in charge of housing construction and town building, and the planning and execution of emergency programmes in urban and rural areas and pilot projects contributing to the earliest possible solution of the housing problem;

3.Suggests that the Secretary-General, in close co-operation with the executive secretaries of the regional economic commissions, prepare biennial progress reports on the application of the present resolution;

4.Invites the Committee on Housing, Building and Planning to work out, on the basis of those reports, additional practical and effective measures for the implementation of the above recommendations and the solution of the housing problem.

1390th plenary meeting
7 November 1965