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12 December 1960
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Fifteenth session
Agenda item 12

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

1508 (XV). Low-cost housing and related community facilities

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolution 1393 (XIV) of 20 November 1959 regarding low-cost housing,

Having noted section I of chapter V of the report of the Economic and Social Council/4 on progress made towards the implementation of the long-range programme of concerted international action in the field of housing and related community facilities,

Recognizing the importance of adequate housing and community facilities and services for a rise in the levels of living of the lower income groups in the congested urban areas,

Recognizing the significant role of Governments in the planning, financing and execution of programmes for low-cost housing and community facilities,

Considering that, owing to limited resources, the developing and newly independent countries have difficulty in meeting demands for simultaneous investment in economic development projects and in housing, health and education,

Recognizing the need to utilize more fully the peoples' own resources and the local sources of materials and finances for the solution of the housing and urban development problem,

1.Requests Member States to review their housing requirements, policies and programmes as well as the extent of investment in this field from all sources in their countries, and to indicate to the United Nations the areas in which outside assistance is most needed;

2.Requests the Secretary-General, in connexion with the concerted programme of practical action in this field, to investigate in consultation with interested Member States the possibility of obtaining technical services, equipment and funds for establishing or multiplying pilot projects:

  1. In low-cost housing and related community facilities, services and utilities in the areas of rapid urbanization in the developing countries;

  2. In the production from local sources of suitable materials, accessories and construction elements and equipment for the execution of housing and urban development programmes;

3.Further requests the Economic and Social Council to investigate, on the basis of work already done by its functional commissions and regional economic commissions, the possibilities for domestic and international financing of low-cost housing programmes in less developed countries;

4.Invites the Economic and Social Council to submit to the General Assembly a report on the implementation of the present resolution together with the comments of the Social Commission, the regional economic commissions and the specialized agencies concerned.

943rd plenary meeting
12 December 1960


4/ See Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifteenth Session, Supplement No.3 (A/4415).