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20 November 1959
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Fourteenth session
Agenda item 12

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

1393 (XIV). Low-cost housing

The General Assembly,

Considering that the Economic and Social Council in its resolution 731 B (XXVIII) of 30 July 1959 approved the long-range programme of concerted international action in the field of low-cost housing and related community facilities,

Recognizing that the continuous efforts of Governments and private organizations, as well as co-ordinated action on the part of international bodies, are necessary in order to deal with the problem of housing and the rapid rate of urban expansion,

1.Recommends that the appropriate organs of the United Nations and the specialized agencies should give due consideration to the requests of Governments for technical assistance in this field;

2.Recommends that Member States should, as part of their national plans, institute or accelerate programmes to promote the construction of low-cost housing and stimulate active participation by the people in these programmes through self-help, mutual aid, co-operation and other similar measures;

3.Requests the Secretary-General, in consultation with interested Governments and the specialized agencies concerned, to collect and disseminate information in the field of housing concerning the technical and material needs of all countries with housing problems and concerning the relevant experience gained by others which might be able to assist them;

4.Invites the Secretary-General to submit a report on the results of his inquiry at an appropriate time, and the Economic and Social Council to transmit this report, with its comments thereon, to the General Assembly.

841st plenary meeting
20 November 1959