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[Records of UNESCO General Conference: Twenty-sixth Session Paris, 15 October to 7 November 1991]

55. The Commission recommends to the General Conference that it adopt, for the records of the General Conference, the resolution proposed in Annex II of document 32 C/63. The text of the resolution reads as follows:

The General Conference,

Referring to the Constitution of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which proclaims that peace must be founded upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind,

Taking into account United Nations General Assembly resolution 56/6 of 9 November 2001 proclaiming the Global Agenda for Dialogue among Civilizations, and the goals and principles therein contained,

Noting the active efforts and valuable contribution of many Member States of UNESCO to the development of dialogue among civilizations and the strengthening of peace and mutual understanding among peoples,

Aspiring to act jointly with other States for the sake of peace, security and stability at the global and regional levels,

Recognizing that the world is confronted with tremendous challenges to its security when the stability of States is undermined by terrorism, extremism and aggressive separatism, and when emerging conflicts frequently lead to overt armed confrontation on the part of the State,

Expressing alarm that outbreaks of violence in various regions engender speculation about the "clash of civilizations", that the world is seen as divided into opposing cultures, ideologies and religious outlooks,

Recalling that true dialogue among civilizations, which is a prerequisite for the harmonious development of the world, is only possible in an atmosphere of absolute respect in which the fundamental and universal values of human existence are put into practice,

Emphasizing the contribution of world religions to the furtherance of human civilization through the eternal values of goodness and high moral standards,

Voicing the conviction that the processes of globalization have reached such a level and force that, in order to ensure their further development, there is a need for generally recognized conceptual support in order to avert adverse consequences for all humankind,

1.Proposes that the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaim 2006 the Year of Global Consciousness and the Ethics of Dialogue among Peoples;

2.Proposes that Member States and international and non-governmental organizations prepare proposals for measures to be implemented within the framework of the aforesaid Year with the aim of helping to develop dialogue among cultures and civilizations, shape the global consciousness, and develop the ethics of international dialogue;

3.Invites the Director-General:

  1. to prepare, on the basis of the proposals of Member States, a draft programme of action for the Year of Global Consciousness and the Ethics of Dialogue among Peoples;

  2. to submit that draft programme to the General Conference at its 33rd session, together with a report on the results of the preparatory work;

4.Decides to include an item on the celebration of such a Year in the agenda of the 33rd session.