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16 June 1972
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[[From Report of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, Stockholm, June 1972.] ]

Action Plan for the Human Environment. A. Framework for environmental action

  1. Framework for environmental action
  2. The recommendations adopted by the Conference for the substantive items on the agenda of the Conference are set out in chapter II, section B, below.1 The recommendations have been grouped, in section C, in an Action Plan that makes it possible to identify international programmes and activities across the boundaries of all subject areas. The broad types of action that make up the Plan are:
    1. The global environmental assessment programme (Earthwatch);
    2. Environmental management activities;
    3. International measures to support the national and international actions of assessment and management.

    The framework of the Action Plan is illustrated in the following diagram.

    Environmental Assessment
      Evaluation and Review
      Information exchange
    Environmental Management
      Goal setting and planning
      International consultation and agreements
    Supporting Measures
      Education and training
      Public information
    Technical cooperation