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A/RES/3/260 B 

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General Assembly

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9 December 1948

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Third session

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

260 B (III). Study by the International Law Commission of the Question of an International Criminal Tribunal

The General Assembly,

Considering that the discussion of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide has raised the question of the desirability of having persons charged with genocide tried by a competent international tribunal,

Considering that, in the course of development of the international community, there will be an increasing need of an international judicial organ for the trial of certain crimes under international law,

Invites the International Law Commission to study the desirability and possibility of establishing an international judicial organ for the trial of persons charged with genocide or other crimes over which jurisdiction will be conferred upon that organ by international conventions;

Requests the International Law Commission, in carrying out this task, to pay attention to the possibility of establishing an International Court of Justice.

179th plenary meeting
9 December 1948