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A/RES/3/217 B 

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10 December 1948

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Third session

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

[Part B of General Assembly resolution 217 (III). International Bill of Human Rights]

217 B (III). Right of Petition

The General Assembly,

Considering that the right of petition is an essential human right, as is recognized in the Constitutions of a great number of countries,

Having considered the draft article on petitions in document A/C.3/306 and the amendments offered thereto by Cuba and France,

Decides not to take any action on this matter at the present session;

Requests the Economic and Social Council to ask the Commission on Human Rights to give further examination to the problem of petitions when studying the draft covenant on human rights and measures of implementation, in order to enable the General Assembly to consider what further action, if any, should be taken at its next regular session regarding the problem of petitions.

183rd plenary meeting
10 December 1948